Women in WebVR @ Mozilla, SF

Women in WebVR @ Mozilla, SF
Women in WebVR @ Mozilla, SF

WebVR is one of the most interesting technology which is currently bubbling in web development community. I didn’t have slightest idea about how much WebVR had progressed until Ada Rose (@Lady_Ada_King) started showing the magic of WebVR.

Take a look at this link for example and tell me how you are not amazed by this.

During the event there were a quite a lot of moments where you would go “Whoa!”. WebVR has progressed wildly and you can definitely build something RIGHT NOW! If you have an idea of what to build.

Ada Rose also gave a live coding demo of constructing a small project in WebVR with help of A-Frame. This library is absolutely amazing as they have developed some pretty awesome stuff to help any creator get started on a project, as we did at the event!

A-Frame has fantastic support on Slack and StackOverflow so help is just typing a few words away!

The VR project we did at the event was also pretty cool experience as we got to learn just how easy it is right now to get started on a VR project!

Project developed on site: Link >>

Clicking on Preview will take you to real stuff. To make your own click Remix your own and start coding away!(After you learn from A-Frame obviously). While coding in Glitch if you face problems and want to experiment what values would work or not, they also provide their own inspect elements right in the browser by pressing CTRL+ALT+I!(Another “Whoa!” Moment) Ada also pointed out Google Blocks (WHOA!) which has all the 3D objects which are already built someone on the internet and you can use it for your own experiments! Google never fails to amaze us all.

After a person from audience asked a question about which was the best way to save a VR project, Ada advised us to use GLTF format as it could be run on majority of platforms!

Ada also introduced us to Vanessa Rand (@VanRad) which spoke us to all virtually, she shared with us all about her experiences about the industry and where WebVR is heading towards! It is really exciting to see that South Asia is as much excited about WebVR as much as Silicon Valley.

After the interactive session, they opened the floor for discussion over where and how VR is used and where the technology itself is going, in that session one of the participant raised a really valid point regarding VR v/s AR:

VR isolates us, while AR integrates us all into the experience.

This statement really was what I had always in mind but until this point I was not able to phrase it out in this way. As for me, VR is subset of AR. Augmented reality is really making strides of progress and with technologies in VR, AR is not going to be much left behind.

Hoping to go in more awesome events like these!

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