Top Developers To Follow In The Web Development World

Web development is exploding and there are thousands and thousands newbies on the block who want to join the web development army as the demand for web developers is increasing exponentially. Many of these newbies lose the track on “what to do next?”. Some of these newbies, like me, are the only one who are interested in web development, rest of the world seems to be busy doing other stuff and subsequently if the newbie is not employed as web developer somewhere that person is going to doubt him/her self as did the Frodo in LOTR. We all need a Sam Gamgee who will be with us.

Twitter has a whole lot of active awesome developers that share their knowledge and their works, which will help you all to motivate, teach and keep yourself away from self doubt. Please do not expect them to teach you ofcourse, do not expect them to be politically aligned with you, do not expect them to reply/friendly to you. Most of them are incredibly busy as I have seen. Just following them will give you updates about the new developments in the web/tech world, some tweaks, some tricks and tips. Overall you will start loving your Twitter feed. Here’s the list(Its not ranking in anyway):

Will keep updating list, as I find more interesting web developers! And lastly Me(@McQuinTrix)!

Image taken from: Hypepotamus

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