To learn or not to learn jQuery?

jQuery: Write Less, Do More

First and foremost, if you are into web development and learning how to make a interactive web pages which all browsers and devices should run, then you will have to learn jQuery(atleast for additional 4-5 years, until 2021/22). Why? Because when you are developing webpages for a company/client that you are working for, generally the company will have long list of browsers and devices that it will want to support. And there will be a deadline which you will have to fulfill and if you start with barebone JavaScript compared to jQuery, your production time will multiply by 3 times.

How? Well, for example the


from IE v/s


from all other browsers. Even though IE11 has stopped supporting


, there are a considerable number of users still using browser which are lower than IE11 which your client doesn’t want to be left out. This is just one example of what is the problem in using the bare JavaScript in your application. Some clients and companies will also want you to put support for IE6 which will be a nightmare to comply with.

So I should never use bare JavaScript ever? You can use bare JavaScript when your application is using minimal operations and use CSS3 more efficiently then just bloating your code with jQuery. jQuery should be used as a tool which reduces complexity in code, improves production speed, and a tool which combines power of all browser functionalities. Learn JavaScript first, and learn from the inner workings of jQuery on how it works and then use it for conquering the world with speed and time in mind.

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