10 Strangest planets in the Universe

There is no denying the fact that the universe is ever expanding and is filled with mysteries. Even with all the modern technologies we are only able to explore a very minute fraction of universe and have found a lost of amazing things. If you think only our Earth is unique think again here is a list of 10 planets which are very unique and will left you puzzled that such things can even exist.

10. Kepler 438B | The Other Earth

Kepler 438B

Its not just mars which we are exploring to settle human civilization.Astronomers have been in look out in universe to find other habitual planets which can support life. Kepler 438B is one of the closest things to earth yet discovered by the astronomers. This planet scored 0.88 on Earth similarity index (How much a planet is similar to earth on a scale of 1). This planet lies perfectly in the Goldilocks zone(the place where its neither too far neither too close to its stars so that they can have a adequate temperature for sustainable of life) just like earth and can possibly support life that is if we can find a way to reach there.

9. GJ1214B | The Water Planet


Remember the planet from the interstellar where they landed in planet with huge endless water well that is what this planet exactly is just one difference though it doesn’t have surface. It has endless ocean of water and the depth of that reaches till the core of the planet. The planet is located around 49 light years from our solar system.

8.HD 188753 AB | The Planet With Three Stars

HD188753 AB

Aint we all love sunset and sunrises what if you could see multiple sunrises and sunsets, wouldn’t that be a site to cherish. If you live on HD188753 AB which is around 149 light years away from our solar system you will have triple shadows, you can see multiple eclipses,sunset and sunrises because these planets revolves around three stars.

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