How To Get Started With Angular.js ?


With the rise of JS frameworks such as Backbone.js, Knockout.js and Angular.js, single page applications (SPAs) have become a preferred way to design websites. Rather than constant communication with the server for heavy new page requests, JS frameworks have broken down the constant heavy page request-receive to just requesting for templates/partials(which are much smaller than heavy full page) from servers which can also be cached into browser. A whole website is now loaded in just the first request. As every JS frameworks is beautiful to use in its own way, here we will discuss how to get started with Angular.js.

The first and foremost skill you must have is, basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and intermediate knowledge of JavaScript(the more you know JavaScript, the more you will be able to code better in Angular.js). Recommended starting points

FreeCodeCamp will also get you started off on Angular.js with CodeSchool’s Google funded free tutorial. Another cool course is on AngularJS’s channel on YouTube has also great amount of knowledge available for free who wants to get started on with AngularJS. A great introduction to AngularJS:

What are you waiting for? Get Started !. And be sure not to commit these Top 10 Mistakes that Angular.js Developers make.

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