10 Actors Who Have Won Millions Of Heart But Not An Oscar

Oscar is one of the most prestigious award and it’s an avid dream of each and every actor to have one of those awards in their Kitty. Below is the list of 10 Actors who despite beings huge name has never won an Oscar.Their movies might have grossed billions worldwide but they are yet to hold that golden lady in their hand

Tom Cruise


It is shocking to know that despite giving more than 3 decades of his life to Hollywood and delivering an array of Successful movies who has grossed millions of Dollars worldwide. The Movies like top Gun, Mission impossible Series highlights the movie list he has been a part of. Mission impossible has been one of the highest grossing movies over the years but still this veteran actor has never won an Oscar award.

Leonardo Di Caprio


Following the likes of Tom cruise Leonardo is also one such star who has been both commercially and critically acclaimed for the variety of roles he has done over the years, whether it’s a cute lover boy titanic, or a teen conman in Catch me if you can or the most recent role of a crooked Wall street Broker in Wolf of Wall street just o name a few. All these movies although became hugely successful worldwide but the Oscar Jury doesn’t seem to think he is worthy of the Oscar’s yet.

Johnny Deep


The Pirate of the Caribbean star who is one of the highest earning stars in the Hollywood and his name itself can assure a lot of attraction towards the movie. However successful his film carrier has been but he is still deprived of an Oscar award. His performance in Movies like what’s Eating Gilbert grape, Edward scissor and the commercially success Pirates of the Caribbean series has been critically acclaimed but not enough to win him an Oscar.

Brad Pitt


He has been one of the Hottest Celebrity and is known worldwide for his good looks. He and his beau Angelia are the talk of the town and are always in the limelight for on reason or the other. His movie list includes the Inglorious Basterds, Moneyball, Fight club; the Oceans series are highlights of his illustrious movie carrier. Brad Pitt is without a doubt one of the most successful actors in Hollywood but even he is not able to won an Oscar for himself.

Bruce Willis


Bruce Willis movies has collectively grossed more than 2.5 billion worldwide and he is one the movie legends in Hollywood. Movies like The Sixth Sense, Twelve Monkeys, Pulp Fiction, Armageddon, Apollo 13 and of course the Die Hard series made him an established and trusted brand in Hollywood. But even the Great John McLane (name of his character from movie die hard) is not able to win an Oscar award.

Will Smith

He is one of the most loved superstars in Hollywood. He has a great sense of humor and he is one of the most humble guys in the Hollywood. He has done a wide variety of films whether it be action, Comedy or Drama. His Filmography includes movies like The Pursuit of Happiness, Ali, Men in Black, Wild Wild West, Bad Boys, I Am Legend, Hancock and Enemy of the State. Although he was nominated twice for the Oscar but unfortunately he was not able to get his hands on the award.

Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey Jr. has mostly been in the news for all the wrong reason in the beginning of his career whether it was his eccentric lifestyle or his drug issues but there is no denying the fact this guy is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. His performance in movies like U.S. Marshalls, Chaplin and Tropic Thunder has established him as one of the finest actors although he later screwed up due to his drug issues. In 2003 he made a comeback after overcoming his drug addiction and since then there has been no looking back. After that he has been a part of few of the highest grossing movies of Hollywood including Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Avengers just to list some. He is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood but all that money still couldn’t get him an Oscar.

Edward Norton


He might not be as famous globally as the stars mentioned in the list above but there is no denying the fact he is probably one of the finest actors in Hollywood. The Boston born Actor has been a part of some great movies including American History X, Primal Fear, The Illusionist, Fight Club and The Italian Job. He has received two nominations but never was able to make the Final cut to reach the Podium and grab the Award

Samuel Jackson

He is regarded as one of the finest actors in Hollywood and this guy is truly a legend. He has delivered some of the greatest performances Hollywood has ever seen which includes movies like Pulp Fiction, Coach Carter, A Time To Kill, Unbreakable, Die Hard: With A Vengeance, Shaft and Django Unchained. Although he has been critically acclaimed for his acting Abilities but he has got a chance yet to give that acceptance speech on the Oscar award Stage.

Harrison Ford


This Veteran actor is known worldwide for his role of Indiana Jones in which he glamorized the role of the archaeologist and probably has made hundreds of people to purse the field of archaeology. He has been a part of many blockbuster movies which includes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Air Force One, Witness and The Fugitive. Such an illustrious carrier he had only one thing missing: an Oscar award.

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