Xiaomi’s New Advertisement Mocking Apple’s iPhone 6

Xiaomi Mocks iPhone 6
Xiaomi Mocks iPhone 6
Xiaomi Mocks iPhone 6
Xiaomi Mocks iPhone 6

It’s being said that to be the best you have to compete with the best. In the modern Smartphone era the competition has become so fierce that there are a lot of new players joining the competition. But the superiority of iPhone which has been “the product” the world leader in high end smartphone market without a doubt.

Whenever a new player wants to make or penetrate a new territory, he/she takes his initial approach is first make some name for itself and then take on the leader to rattle his/her cage and challenge his superiority. Let’s go a year back when Samsung was the biggest competitor to Apple’s crown and they released an advertisement mocking iPhone.

The newest competitor, the rapidly rising Xiaomi has taken a similar approach and released a new advertisement mocking iPhone and comparing it with their new phablet Xiaomi MI note. Have a look at the advertisement below.

The advertisement depicts few scientists in lab coat testing the strength of a frying pan and then comes iPhone 6. The video then showcases iPhone 6 from different angles before it is placed on table and smashed by Frying pan which magically transforms iPhone 6 into Xiaomi Mi note. The smashing of camera slims down iPhone protruding camera and the new product is the new Mi Note with the camera flash on the back of the phone.

If you give it a thought the advertisement basically suggest that our product is a downright copy of Apple’s iPhone with a minor enhancement in the camera. Well they don’t call Xiaomi the Apple of China for no reason.

Let’s see how this new brand war helps Xiaomi in establishing its global presence, whether they will be able to penetrate in Apple market share that thrive on loyalty of their customer. Only time will tell how things will turn out but it sure has made things exciting and let’s see Tim cook responds to it.

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