#BendGate: The New Apple iPhone 6 Plus Has New Feature, It Bends

iPhone 6 Plus Bend it Like Beckham
iPhone 6 Plus Bend it Like Beckham
iPhone 6 Plus Bend it Like Beckham
iPhone 6 Plus Bend it Like Beckham

Its not a new feature, but Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus has a design flaw near the side button which makes it little bit weaker to apply on excessive force or even put inside your skin tight jeans. Reportedly, some users complained that their iPhone 6 plus were just bent by putting inside their pocket.

In response to, maybe three stories popping up on internet, UnBox Therapy, a YouTube channel created a video of them bending a iPhone 6, which has procured almost 18 million views in just 3 days of posting it. So much of the world knows that iPhone 6 Plus is flawed a little bit. Watch the video:

It bent significantly to even harm the screen of the phone itself.

After iPhone fanboys shouting in comments that this can happen to any of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone too, Unbox Therapy made another video to show if Galaxy Note 3 also bent like iPhone 6 plus. Check out the video:

Well, it didn’t.

C’mon guys, I know you guys love Apple, but this is obviously a flaw in design. Apple should have always concentrated on sturdiness of design first. Steve Jobs wouldn’t have had let this happen as I think. Anyways, don’t buy iPhone 6 plus for now, its a risk as the screen will also break as you try to fix as shown in video. Let us know in the comments what you think about the new feature of iPhone 6 plus.

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