Android One Launched In India

Android One
Android One

Google has launched a line of more affordable product, Android One, for the emerging markets. The launchpad for testing these phones is being started from India. Android has already a huge market player in the world, but still a much larger part of population is without a smartphone, almost 5 billion.

Google acknowledges what Apple has consistently failed to recognize that much of the population of the world still can’t afford a conventional smartphone. And 5 billion is a huge number, if Google launches a cheaper line of products they could capture a bigger chunk of users which would ultimately profit Google.

The factors affecting for providing smartphone to these countries is that the much of the population has less budget to buy a smartphone device and much less afford the 3G/4G connection. Also, smartphones are of very little use without the supporting applications and updates which are constantly provided by the company itself, which improves the smartphone’s software.

Android One project will be working with silicon chip makers and connection providers to make this smartphone as cheap as possible. Android’s Senior VP Sunder Pichai has claimed in his blogpost that these phones will carry a huge amount of processing power, hugh-quality front and rear facing cameras, expandable memory, dual SIM, replaceable battery and FM radio.

Android One will be partnering with Micromax, Karbonn, Spice and chipmaker MediaTek and also with connection provider AirTel which will provide the 6 months of free updates of Android OS and about 200 MB of free applications to download. The starting price of Android One will be Rs 6,399 which roughly calculates around $100 as of today.

Android One will be launched next in Philippines, Indonesia and much of all South Asia. So, are you going to buy the Android One ?

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