Smartphone Rise : How Did It Happen?


Smartphones have become a basic necessity of one’s life, previously we considered food, cloth and shelter as must have for a decent life now add more thing to that list smart mobile phone. Smart mobile phones are not just a mode of communication anymore they enable you to pay bills, shop online, stay connected through social media, preserving those special moments and much more they are a multi-functional tool fulfilling your variety of needs.

With the increase in the accessibility of things online(through internet) the demand for phones is increasing rapidly and specially smart phone which enables you to perform a variety of functions and are rising an alternative to bulky laptops/desktops.

The Beginning

Well it all started back in the 90’s when IBM came up with its first multi-functional phone which was IBM Simon which although had many limited features but compared to time it was in itself a new innovative phone which lay the ground work and prompted other rival companies to come up with their own phone to compete with IBM. Than all other giants Nokia, Blackberry, Ericson also jumped in but it was not until mid 2000 we saw the true potential of the smart phone.

By the mid 2000 the Windows Based smartphones had picked up and become quite popular between businessmen and competing toe to toe with Windows phone was Blackberry and in fact with time Blackberry overtook Windows and become one of the premier choice for businessman and young generation.

The Rise


Till mid 2000, the Smartphone market was not that hyped and then came Apple. By the beginning of 20th century, Apple already had made a name for them and now was the time to cement their place in the rising phone market. In year 2007, Steve Jobs the then CEO of Apple released the much hyped iPhone and boy did it changed the course of phone industry.

The phone comprised of great feature and provided multi functionality a music player, a camera, a phone and all that wrapped into a beautiful carved body. The phone becomes a success overnight and it was the beginning of new era of smartphone market.

Competitors Set In Motion


When the fever of Apple’s iPhone was on its peak and the there seemed no competition in the current mobile maker at that point of time, a masterstroke from the internet giant Google who developed the Android OS and made it available for free for anyone who want to make smartphone. The rival companies started using this OS to compete with Apple.

Finally, The South Korean electronic giant Samsung makes the most out of it and comes up with series of Smartphone under the flagship name Galaxy and captured the majority of the Smartphone market which was once captured by invincible Apple.

Recent market show the rise of many other new tech companies joining this Smartphone market race competing with manufacturers like Nokia, Blackberry, HTC. Specially the Asian market which has the highest demand of and the biggest growth potential where companies like Micromax, Xiaomi, Oppo and many other middle size firms giving the mobile giants a tough competition for the acquiring more and more market share.

The Innovation

The demand to provide the best and top class product has made the big firms to invest a lot in the research works and every day we see many mindboggling features added to the smartphones and along with that the millions of applications to choose from makes room for so much work to be done a great scope to always keep on improving. To be honest now a days the smartphone’s has evolved so much that its specifications are better than the laptop owned by me.

The Future Beyond

Samsung released a SmartWatch recently with one of its flagship phone Note III and it has got a positive response from the consumers and has open the door for a new market. Many companies have started developing various gadgets including projectors, heart rate monitors and many other precuts are already in pipeline.

If we look back in time within a short span of time the smartphones have evolved into something extraordinary and seeing how things are right now the future looks promising.

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