SpaceX Acquires Permission To Build Spaceport In Texas

SpaceX's Spaceport Site In Texas
SpaceX's Spaceport Site In Texas
SpaceX's Spaceport Site In Texas
SpaceX’s Spaceport Site In Texas

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has approved SpaceX’s request to make a Spaceport on Texas-Mexico border near the Gulf of Mexico, which is a major breakthrough towards making Spaceport a reality. The land is located 17 miles east of Brownsville, and 56.5 acres big. A “Record of Decision” from FAA.

FAA, which approves all commercial flights and space launches, has also said that it will most likely approve 10 launches of Falcon 9 rockets & 2 of Falcon Heavy rockets per year, until year 2025 atleast.

“Approximately 30 full time SpaceX employees would be present on-site till 2016, and the number is expected to grow to 150 till 2025 in the launch area or control area.”

From the record :

This record of decision provides the FAA’s final… approval to support the issuance of launch licenses and/or experimental permits that would allow SpaceX to launch the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy orbital vertical launch vehicles and a variety of reusable suborbital launch vehicles from a launch site on privately owned property in Cameron County, Texas.

The another important point to note about Spaceport is that it has minimal impact on environment around it. Also, the company will be setting up a turtle monitoring plant near the Gulf of Mexico.

Source: Vice

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