Remote Controlled, Wireless Contraceptive Chip Will Be Available By 2018

Contraceptive Chip
Contraceptive Chip
Contraceptive Chip
Contraceptive Chip

The revolutionary contraceptive chip which is being backed by Gates Foundation, the Charity foundation owned by Bill & Melinda Gates, will might be available by 2018. The contraceptive will be able to work continuously for 16 years and then replacing would be necessary.

The chip can be placed under a woman’s skin and with one command it will release a hormone levonorgestrel in small dosage. The Massachusetts developed contraceptive chip will be submitted to testing by next year, will be able to go on by 2018.

The chip measures 20mm x 20mm x 7mm and carries tiny reservoirs of hormone, with each command, it will melt a 30 microgram of the levonorgestrel and that will prevent the pregnancy.

Dr Robert Farra from MIT quoted:

The ability to turn the device on and off provides a certain convenience factor for those who are planning their family

The main challenge/fear faced by the scientists is, wheather the chip was hackable by any other person or not.

Dr Farra:

Communication with the implant has to occur at skin contact level distance. Someone across the room cannot re-programme your implant. Then we have secure encryption. That prevents someone from trying to interpret or intervene between the communications.

“That’s a humanitarian application as opposed to satisfying a first-world need,” he told the BBC.

Source: BBC news

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