YouTube’s Video Quality Report Will Now Rank ISPs By Internet Speed


Youtube’s (Google’s) Video Quality report will give users a detailed report on ISPs who provide service in user’s area, and would rank them by the speed which they provide. Ranks of speed are named as Youtube HD Verified, Standard Edition and Lower Definition. The Video Quality report is available on this link.

So from now on, if your YouTube video is not loading smoothly and is getting hiccups while you are watching it. A notification bar would pop-up below your video:

Google's Video Quality Report
Google’s Video Quality Report

Clicking on “Find Out Why ?” would take you to Google’s Video Quality Report, which would suggest you to make some changes or give you a hint on why your video is not loading smoothly. As, the Net Neutrality battle continues in Senate, the internet providers are pulling out the speed on High Definition video hosting site, and demanding a extra charge on providing that speed to the website owners. So, if your video isn’t loading, maybe your ISP can also be a major reason behind it.

As maybe the major ISP’s such as Verizon and Comcast are already getting a ridiculous amounts of anger from the public as the manipulate the speed of websites in order to generate more revenue. They have already succeeded in extorting more money from Netflix to increase the speed for the websites.

Source: TheVerge

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