The Russian Government Passes “Blogger Bill”

Russian Parliament
Russian Parliament
Russian Parliament
Russian Parliament

The Russian government, has passed a bill which will apply the rules which applied in mass media onto the blogs also to stop bloggers from posting random content. So, if you are residing in Russia and if Russian government doesn’t like your blog-post or your ideas, they now have full legal support to fine you and also you can face imprisonment.

The Russian government has been known to apply some truly idiotic rules onto their own public as the leaders sitting in the parliament are from cold war era. The cold war era leader Vladimir Putin who always tries to push the Russian population into more deeper and darker future would never think outside the box to implement a better control. Instead, he would think of some cold war era-ish law and implement it effectively.

In turn Russian population is blind-folded by the state media such as Russia Today and all other state media which all are funded by Russian government.

The bill introduces a new hindrance to the freedom of bloggers. The bloggers with more than 3,000 or more visitors have to register on a special list maintained by consumer rights agency Rospotrebnadzor and will have to FOLLOW CERTAIN RULES. Because this is Kingdom of Russia !

Russian leaders have never showed that they can manage a situation effectively. Sure they have shown some power but they never have a spark of great strategic plan. Most of the time Russians just fudge up a situation and leave the area like a small kid running away after breaking a flower-vase.

Quoted From RT website:

The authors will have to sign the posts with their real name and verify the information they publish. They will also be banned from posting extremist and terrorist information, propagating pornography or violence, and disclosing state or commercial secrets and personal data of citizens. Popular bloggers will not be able to use obscene language and will face some other restrictions, such as a ‘day of silence’ ahead of elections.

Day of Silence !!! .. Because we are Kingdom Of Russia!

Refusal to comply will be punished with fines of between 10,000 and 30,000 rubles ($270- $833) for individuals and between 50,000 and 300,000 rubles ($1400- $8300) for businesses. Just after passing of bill and stopped showing the popular blogs and ratings of the blog as to save its users from Kingdom of Russia.

This all proves that the educated Russian population and business owners are open and free minded but the cold war era government is responsible for country’s bad reputation. I don’t know how much time will it take to transform Russia into a sensible country and do not act like a greater North Korea.


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