10 Reasons Why Hitler Lost The World War II

Hitler with von Manstein and Members of his General Staff
Hitler with von Manstein and Members of his General Staff

World War II the biggest and the bloodiest war in the history of mankind. The war which lasted from 1939 to 1945 took toll of millions of lives and completely destroys 100’s of cities and in a way it changed the whole European continent. The official result of war says that the Allied forces won the war with the help of advanced weaponry and firepower but on a closer observation we can see that it has more to do with the tactical error made by the German Leader Adolf Hitler rather than Allied forces superiority in technology.

Hitler who is considered solely responsible for the World War II was on a quest of taking revenge from France for the loss it suffered in World War I and the humiliation it had to bear due to treaty of Versailles. He created a revolution in the country and soon enough it was able to conquer France and give his countrymen a sense of pride for the humiliation they suffered all these years.

Hitler was able to give back his country much more than what was taken from them in the World War I but his hunger didn’t stop there and he went on a bigger mission to conquer the whole Europe. He was going strong and had a huge army with technology and air-force unequaled and he possibly might have succeeded in his mission but as we say every person has their own flaws and Hitler too was no such exception he was not able to handle such a big war and made some tactical errors which in term were the reason Germany lost the war.

Below you will find 10 reasons as to how Hitler was successfully able to win the first phases of war and then lost it to the allied forces in the later phases due to his mistakes and how if he had not made these mistakes probably the course of history would have been different.

10. Do or Die – Never Retreat

Adolf Hitler & The Nazi Army
Adolf Hitler & The Nazi Army

As crazy as it may sound but that was the policy followed by German army. The German soldier had strict order that whatever may be scenario they will never retreat and in fact to set an example those
soldiers who tried to go back were shot by German Army Generals to prove their point there is no backing out from the war front. This policy of Germans has resulted in a lot of casualties which could have been avoided if German’s would have retreated and could have come back again and have defended their turf but that’s not what Hitler had in mind his ideology was a soldier in any condition should hold his ground and fight till the death.

9. The Holocaust

Pile OF Dead Bodies In Buchenwald
Pile OF Dead Bodies In Buchenwald

Hitler’s had given the German population the perception that whatever bad is happening to them is because of Jews, he considered Jews selfish people who only account for themselves and were responsible for the poverty and the ill condition of Germany. In his book the Mein Kampf, he mentioned that if he is elected to power he will eliminate Jews which he referred as a final solution. Once coming into the power Hitler started executing his plans by building Concentration Camps and started killing Jews in vast number. By the time the War was over Hitler eliminated two- third of the Jew population which accounted to nearly 6 million people. He invested large number of resources and manpower in killing of Jews which he could have used in the war front and could have strengthened his army.

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