IPL: The Future Of Cricket

Indian Premier League 2014 Season 7 Teams

The much awaited seventh season of Indian Premier League has started and the cricket enthusiast all over the world is stuck on their television set and enjoying all the action and Drama that this high profile league has to offer.

History Of IPL

IPL has seen a lot of changes since it first began in 2008 to compete with ICL (Indian Cricket League – A failed venture started by Zee Group to commercialize cricket). The brain child of Lalit Modi who brought the concept of European football into cricket and started one of the most profiting venture for BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). Lalit Modi saw the potential of people following cricket like religion and with the new shorter T-20 format being liked by crowd, he capitalized on that and made cricket more entertaining and made a fortune out of it.

For the first season they began with 8 teams and the teams were strategically given home location so that they cover all specific parts of the country. The sole purpose of this was to capture the audience from every part of India. Taking a draft from the foreign leagues they auctioned the teams and players keeping thing exciting and competitive right from the beginning.

The teams were sold to some of the high profile people including high corporates and movie stars adding glamour which was like cherry on the top for the IPL promotion.

Manish Pandey of KKR
Manish Pandey of KKR

Start Of A New Era

The first match was played on 18th April 2008 and what a start it was, to an amazing season of entertainment. It got an overwhelming response from the Indian people who worship cricket like a religion and cricketers like god. The league not only provided the Indian audience to something to look forward to but also gave the Indian domestic player an international platform to showcase their talent and make an entry into the international team.

The league from it’s first season has been a huge success and has been the inspiration for many other nations to start their own franchise whether its Australia’s Big Bash league or be it the Sri lanka premier league, IPL is the trend setter.

The league gave the international players, who are talented(and entertaining), the viewers and IPL was the platform which pushed them where they are otherwise most of them would have gone unnoticed. People who are loyal to their teams are closely following each and every match. The craziness of the fans is not at par like football fans in Europe, Africa and South America.

IPL has become a part of life of crzy cricket fans in India and has seen a lot of ups and downs over the period of time but one thing has remained constant till now, the entertainment in each and every game weather it is Gayle’s sixes or Malinga’s slingshot bowling.

The high power shots and the nail biting finishes have kept the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. The IPL has not only enhanced its popularity in the cricket playing nation but also given cricket a global recognition and over the years we have seen more and more countries are showing interest in this game which is good for the overall promotion of the game.

Fans Protest The Match Fixings In IPL 6
Fans Protest The Match Fixings In IPL 6


Whenever there is a big venture, they are bound to get into controversies. As soon as the league started the veteran players has started protesting that this T20 format will ruin the true aura of the game. As per old school cricketers T20 is more about raw power hitting and doesn’t require that sort of technical expertise and as required in test and one-day international(ODI’s).

But over the course of time the perception of people has changed about the T20 games and now everybody know it’s just not about power hitting but covers all aspects of the game. The recent events of match fixing has also created some buzz as some of the high profile cricketers and movie stars were involved and the credibility of the whole league was at stake but fortunately the league ha been able to come out of the whole mess and enter into another exciting season (Season 7).

If we analyze we would find that IPL brought a lot of positives to the game of cricket whether it is in terms of new talent or the popularity of the game. Do share us your views on IPL whether it’s the best league or you think there are more cons than pros?

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