Dreams: Do They Tell Us Something?


An important event of your life:

You are standing in front of board members of your company to give a presentation. Everyone is watching you and suddenly you realize “You are Naked !”.

And then you wake up. Has this ever happened to you? Yes, it may just be a dream but it could mean that you feel exposed in real life.

Have you ever experienced some bizzare dreams in which you were an observer or a participant? Do your loved ones who have passed on show up from time to time to say “hello”? Do you get psychic impressions from your dream? have you ever had a dream that forewarned you?

If the answer to above questions is “Yes” then you are probably reading the correct article. If no then visit your doctor, you have insomnia.

Men do it. Women do it. Even babies do it. Dreaming while sleeping. While sleeping our conscious mind is at rest. This is when the sub-conscious mind gets the chance to tell us everything it wants to. Why? because there is no battle with the conscious mind and it is easy to break through the barriers. It is like the child who does not speak in front of his teacher but starts shouting as soon as the teacher leaves the class. According to experts: The more bizzare the dream, the more juicy information it contains from your daily life.


Let us talk about different dreams and try to understand what they say:

Prophetic Dreams

Dreams that give us a glimpse into our future. If you have these kind of dreams, try to interpret as much as you can. They can foretell the future. Even if the details are not clear enough, they can still alert you to possible dangers ahead or even stop them from happening.

I read a blog of a lady who had a dream that scared her. She dreamed of a nearby school with the policemen circling its building and children running out of it. As she was watching a lot of crime serials those days she thought that it was an outcome of that. About 3 days later a News came that a teenager shot his classmate in that school and his classmate died. And the police was controlling the situation. Exactly what she dreamed. So do not ignore these kind of dreams.

Recurring dreams

Dreams that occur repeatedly. In these type of dreams a same type of event is always played out. These tell us that there is something wrong ; Some Issue, Some fear or some worry within yourself which is needed to be examined. These type of dreams have some psychological and emotional reasons behind them.

Inspiration Dreams

Going through a mid-life crisis? Having a difficult time at work? Need inspiration? Then inspiration dreams will enlighten you. They can motivate you and give you insight to handle a difficult situation. They leave you with good feelings when you wake up.

Factual Dreams

They are fascinating, exciting, terrifying or just plain weird. They happen for short duration of time and gives bits and pieces of information. However, they can be very helpful. A friend of mine had a dream of being interviewed about a new position in his organisation 3 days before his actual one. The dream informed him about the possibilities where he could go wrong and he worked on that and got selected. Factual dreams help many musicians in making music.

Visitation Dreams

Have you ever loved someone who is now dead? Then visitation dream is not new to you. Sometimes those deceased loved ones want to visit us and the best way to connect is through our dreams. While sleeping subconscious mind is open to receive messages from the other side. A visitation is a visit from a soul or a spirit of someone. Many times, deceased loved ones come to us when we are facing some crisis or a difficult situation to offer support. Even after waking up they do not fade away like normal dreams. You can remember them for days, weeks or years.

So if you have a dream next time, just try to analyze it, pay attention to it and try to figure out the things it wants to tell you. Dreams, no matter how bizarre they are, they are always entertaining and helpful.

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