How To Avoid Procrastination


“I’ll do it later” is something we all say at one time or other. We often put off boring tasks especially if we have a choice of doing something more interesting. And what happens next?? We pay quite a price for telling ourselves “we will do it later”. Many people are found doing more fascinating things.

PROCRASTINATION, the habit of putting something off, can be a serious problem for a person. It can result in a lifestyle that is unremittingly stressful. It can interfere with all aspects of your daily life. By postponing these tasks, you end up with increased costs of penalties or interest for failing to pay your dues, increased stress because your responsibilities are always looming over you head.

Steps that can help you avoid procrastination

Goal Fixation

The first thing you have to do is to fix your goal. You should be clear and aware of your objectives. Unless the destination is clear, the journey will be aimless. Just Believe that the goal you’re after will be achieved eventually no matter what. You can also imagine the post success scenario to get a solid motivation.

Time Spending Analysis

It is very important to analyse how you spend your time. Find out where you spent time which you needn’t have spent. Avoid unnecessary visits or telephone calls, and so on. Make a daily routine . Remember , every minute spent on planning saves 10 minutes in execution. So spending some time in planning your day makes a huge difference. You should know what exactly you want to do today and in what order. This way you can work efficiently from morning till the end of the day and do much more than you usually used to do.

Develop a Priority List

It should include all your duties, responsibilities, hobbies, visits etc. Then they should be prioritized, ranked in order of importance. To know “What to do First” is very important. For example: Sit for sometime on the first day of the week , write down everything you have to do in that week. Prioritize that list and decide what should be done on monday , on tuesday and so on.

Finish every Activity you start

The biggest source of stress is leaving an activity half finished. It ruins your ability to focus on other activities as well. Completing a task makes you happy ,pleased and relaxed. It also provides an extra amount of energy sometimes needed to complete the next task thus making you more productive. Boring tasks can often be completed relatively quickly in one sitting, if you don’t allow yourself to be distracted. You can do many boring tasks when you are tired, because they don’t require much thought.

Focus all your energy on the difficult task

Always start a challenging or complex task when you are rested and relaxed. Complex tasks should be done in small chunks. If the task seems too difficult or unclear, ask someone for help or seek information on how to do it. Sometimes you may realise that you are just not the person to do the task, so hire a well-trained professional. Remember, seeking help is not a failure on your part.


Sometimes an activity can have more than one productive purpose. Suppose you have a busy schedule and you don’t want to break it and at the same time want to spend some time with family and friends, You can plan your lunch or dinner with them so to optimize your time of eating and socializing as well.

During work, just work

We don’t like to work , Do we? It is the most basic problem. We usually lunge at even a little chance, we have, to stop working. When someone comes to exchange some words with us in our office or workplace we are more than glad to put the work away and talk , Even ready to join them for coffee , snacks etc. NO! First finish everything that has been scheduled. Once it is finished you can talk to the people and have your social time . Just don’t mix your work with anything else.

Reward Yourself

Planning towards completing a particular task and then rewarding yourself for finishing it can motivate you to undertake and complete even the most boring chore. You can also spend some time with the family after the task is finished or you can spend time doing your hobby. It can provide a boost to your energy level and motivate you for the next task.

Take a break

When you hit a snag, you should stop and take a break and then come back to the task with your mind refreshed. You can even take scheduled breaks . To be able to work efficiently you need a sound mind and focus. You can go for a walk , drink a cup of coffee or take a nap. Just don’t let the relaxation take much of the time.

Learn to say ‘NO’

For some people it is hard to say ‘No’. you should always ask yourself “Is it the best use of time now?”. If the answer is negative, you should emphatically say ‘NO’. this can eventually reduce the stress you are going through

So, when will you stop procrastinating ?

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