MotoX : A Bummer Or Boomer ?

Moto X
Moto X

Motorola, the old monk, which once dominated phone market hand been sidelined in last few years since the race of smartphone started by Apple and Samsung which has dominated the market, with HTC and Nokia being secondary leaders.

Motorola’s new flagship phones are dominating the market with MotoG the premium range phone dominating the market and being sold out just in days of its launch.

Another one of Motorola’s trump card, MotoX which is it’s gateway to enter into the high end smartphone market. The design of the phone is quite similar to Moto-G and that is one of the major drawbacks but the look as the matte black design gives the phone a little tawdry look.

The phone has a 4.3 inch screen and a high 1280×720 resolution with AMOLED display. The phone runs on rather slower dual-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Pro processor and it supports the Android Kitkat.

Compared to other smartphones, who have moved onto quad core processor MotoX does have slower operation and processing speed.

The phone has 2GB RAM which is quite decent and the phone seems to run smoothly while playing multiple applications. The phone comes in two variants 16GB and 32GB internal storage memory and doesn’t support external card slot which is anyways would not be of much need since the internal memory would be sufficient to suffice a normal smartphone needs.

The phone contains 2200mAh battery which can provide a back to last day long.

Moto- X has a decent 10 MP rear camera with LED flash and provides good picture quality and for 3GP use it also has 2MP front facing camera.

MotoX Comparison With Other Market Leaders
MotoX Comparison With Other Market Leaders

All in all, the phone falls behind in specification to the competitors like Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S4 but the buzz that Motorola’s MotoX has created, does seem to boost up the sales and has made its mark again in the market.

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