Android SDK For Wearable Tech To Be Launched

Different Wearable Tech
Different Wearable Tech
Different Wearable Tech
Different Wearable Tech

At SXSW, Sundar Pichai (SVP of Android at Google) has announced during an interview that Google is going to release Android SDK ( Software development kit ) for wearable tech in two weeks. He also said that SDK would make much more easier for developers to develop apps for wearable devices.

He has not yet signaled any hints of Google launching any wearable techs in near future. Yet, according to WSJ, Google maybe planning to launch wearable tech, such as smartwatch, which will be manufactured by LG.

Sundar pichai was quoted saying,:

We’ll lay out a vision for developers as to how we’ll see this market working.

Which points that Google will be studying the reactions of the customers and then they might release their wearable devices. Clever move as far I can see.

Currently, Android OS is very powerful in the market with more than 70% share in mobile devices, it has made all other Operating systems run for their money including iOS, Blackberry OS. Also, Nokia recently adopted Android in their latest Nokia X model.

As, Android has successfully achieved majority in mobile devices, will it be able to establish its majority in wearable tech ?

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Source: TNW | WSJ | TheVerge

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