Why Was Switzerland Left Out By Nazi Regime ?

Why was Switzerland not invaded by Nazis ?
Why was Switzerland not invaded by Nazis ?
Why was Switzerland not invaded by Nazis ?
Why was Switzerland not invaded by Nazis ?

So, this question arises to everyone’s mind when they see Nazi’s conquest of Europe. Why was Switzerland left out by the Nazi regime? Why did the Blitzkrieg not brought upon Switzerland ?

This is because of mainly two reasons:

  • The Swiss put themselves in a neutral position by controlling economics. If all the wealthy people of a nation has an invested interest in the Swiss than a country will not attack at it.

    Switzerland had also held diplomatic relations with all sides of the war. Switzerland did hold a lot of the money of all contenders and also didn’t (at least openly) support either side of the war. So no party had a reason to attack it.

  • The Swiss have an incredibly defensive policy in terms of war. This was super effective, before the time of drone strikes, during WWII. They had the plan of going into the RĂ©duit. This was basically giving up a large part of the country and going to hiding in the mountains.

    Mountainous terrain is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

    One good rifleman could defend a road from an entire battalion simply due to the fact that anyone attacking Switzerland needs to be the first one to poke his head around whatever road they want to attack on. No one wants to do this as the first 20 guys who pokes his head out to attack gets shot.

    Strategically most important part of Switzerland are all the passes over and the tunnels going through the mountains.

    Also it is rather difficult to fight an enemy in the mountains especially when that is their home territory.

    Secondly Switzerland puts explosive charges on all bridges and entry points into the county so in a matter of hours they can destroy every way into the country essentially turtling anyone who attacks it.

    This works because anyone who would be attacking Switzerland would most likely be having to fight other nations as well making the cost/benefit of actually attacking Switzerland be unbalanced opposed to every other possible nation to attack.

  • Also, the axis powers wouldn’t have gained that much from conquering Switzerland as they didn’t really depend on having those geographical points.

    This answer is combined and made from different comments on Reddit.

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