‘Iron Beam’ Laser Defence System Unveiled By Israel

Israel has yesterday unveiled a missile shield known as Iron Beam, which is an upgrade to Iron Dome a already successful missile defense system. Unlike Iron Dome, Iron beam will be using laser to “superheat” the warheads of rockets, missiles and make them useless in mid-air.

The shield developer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has said that the Iron Beam has 80 % success rate in the test results.

The Iron Beam with a maximum range of 4.5 miles can strike down missiles, rockets with small trajectory. Iron Beam will work alongside Iron Dome which has longer range but is more costlier. Each Iron Dome missile launch costs tens of thousands of dollars while each Iron Beam costs several hundred dollars, mostly because of laser system.

Iron Beam is more cost effective and better solution than Iron Dome also in deployment. The Iron Beam needs one truck would carry the laser weaponry and one truck for control of the weapon (radar equipments).

Israel is also developing an interceptor known as David’s Sling for medium-range rockets, and the Arrow System against ballistic missiles like those in Iran’s arsenal.

These systems are are going to help Israel sustain the onslaught of attacks from neighbours such as Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon. Also, this technology will be used by US Navy to put down Drones and missiles, known as LaWS ( Laser Weapon System ), which being tested on USS Ponce.

Source: NewsMax.com

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