Renault’s Concept Car “Kwid” Is Loaded With A Drone

Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid

Kwid, the Renault’s concept car that has a “flying robotic assistant” also commonly known as “Drone”. Kwid has also other “kwel” features which would attract the customers but “drone” is something new which no other automobile company has thought to give a try.

The “drone” shown in the video is a “quadracopter”, which would be parked inside the small space above the roof of the car. The drone would probably help the driver with prediction of the road ahead. The video does shows that the drone will be controlled by a tablet.

The car itself is also eye catching with brilliant colors and beautifully designed rims. The car seems to be compact and small which would most likely being made for Indian roads.

Another new feature of this car is that the driver seat is in the middle, which is something that is totally breaking the norm. The reason mentioned by the designers for putting the seat in the middle is that the driver cannot be surrounded by the family while he/she is driving Kwid. Also, the car door are awesomely opening in upward fashion.

The car’s suspension as seen in the video seems to be of a adventure car and the bright car are also adding to the attractiveness of the car. Its doubtful that the drone will be coming out with Kwid because not many governments have framed laws for drones so it would be illegal to fly a drone by a user, as far as I think.

What you guys think ? Would you buy this car ?

Source: TheVerge

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