Bill Gates Returns To Microsoft As Chief Software Architect

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Everybody must have heard that Satya Nadella is the new C.E.O. of Microsoft, but you know what is bigger deal ? Bill Gates has returned to Microsoft as Chief Software Architect. Seems like this super geek still is hungry for more technology bouts in the big arena.

According to a close aid of Bill Gates, he actually never missed a beat in Microsoft. He was always so enthusiastic that he used to received briefings from the company itself which would last upto 4 hours or maybe even as long as half day!

The briefings would be about new technologies by the competitors and some stuff that Microsoft would be making and all but the main point is Bill Gates never really left the company and culture.

He has also close ties with VC’s in the industries, which would mean that he has all the knowledge about the latest trends in the technology industry.

Mr. Nadella has promised innovations but can Bill Gates get off the fact that he doesnt need to hold on to Windows to sustain in the industry?

Surely now after founding partners(Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer) have no total control over the company so we can say that the company might see some changes or will stir a bit and open up to new fronts and emerge as a powerful player.

Bill would be advisor and strategist, who would provide Nadella with product improvement and placement which would be a great advantage for Microsoft as Bill is known as cutting edge business leader.

“Unlike almost anyone I’ve ever met, Bill has the ability to quickly wrap his head around an extremely complex landscape that will include much more than just product features,” Gary Flake, a former Microsoft researcher, wrote in an email.

And Mr. Flake said that Mr. Gates’s extensive world travels over the last six years — and a little distance from the company — could help him bring a new perspective.

Source : NYtimes

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