Why U.S. Still Has So Many Military Bases Around The World ?

U.S. Military Bases
U.S. Military Bases
U.S. Military Bases
U.S. Military Bases

During the cold war, US and USSR had to have military bases around the world for proving dominance over each other. Cold war ended, almost more than 2 decades ago, but still U.S. has bases around the world, which brings questions to many that: Why U.S. still has so many military bases around the world?

List of bases around the world

There are 3 main reasons for these bases still in operation:

  • International relations – Ramstein AFB in Germany is a HUGE base. Not only being a strategic location for the U.S., but since the U.S. is the main player in U.N. actions, it helps everyone (humanitarian aid. etc). Being a huge base, means a lot of American soldiers and support staff would need support on base, as well as spending money on the local economy. Also, the number of locals that get employed on the base and supporting the base is high, and the injection of U.S. dollars on the local economy is a big help for a lot of people.
  • With some countries it becomes a “quid pro quo” deal where we help them with military training or intelligence collection. It is a win-win because we benefit from the shared information.
  • Global deterrent – We can keep “rogue states” like North Korea(Bases in South Korea & Japan) and Iran(Bases in Afghanistan, Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan) in check by having quick response times. Also, bases in Pakistan which help in defeating Taliban and Al Queda forces.

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