Brand War : Jaguar Mocks Mercedes Chicken Advertisement


Is it a start of a New Brand War?

Recently Mercedes released a new advertisement for their S Class 2014 showcasing the advantage of motion body control. The advertisement features a chicken with a steady head showing motion body control. Mercedes received a good response for the advertisement as people admired the ingenuity used by the company in showcasing the feature using the Chicken.

Jaguar seems to disagree with Mercedes and has mocked the Mercedes with a hilarious advertisement where the chicken is eaten by a Jaguar followed by a note

“Motion body control?”

“We prefer cat like reflexes”

The advertisement reminded of the good old days when Pepsi and Coca-Cola used to have a go at each other hilariously mocking up each other’s product in advertisements and trying to prove their superiority in the brand war.

Now it’s time to see how Mercedes reacts to this advertisement and responds to the wild cat. I have a gut feeling that this is not the end and Mercedes will definitely come up with something to make things even and this might ignite a whole new brand war. Let’s see how much time Mercedes takes to answer Jaguar or if they decide to take the high road ignoring jaguar response. The only thing we can do is to wait and watch how things turn out.

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