AAP: Beginning Of New Era In Indian Politics?

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

Indian Politics has always been considered the profession of rich and powerful(or to become rich and powerful). India is the largest democracy in the world with the second largest population in the world (over 1.2 billion). Indian constitution was put in order on 26 January 1949.

With such a huge diversity in India the politics is very complex in India. The Indian politics for years has been dominated by Nehru – Gandhi family and Indian National Congress and the major opposition party being Bhartiya Janta Party which came into existence in late 20th century.

For years Indian political system is dominated by religion and castes and the elections were fought and won based on these petty issues. This recent election show the emergence of a new political party with a whole new thinking and whole new agenda, a party from whose leaders are from the people and dedicated to work for the people not to fill their pockets with corruption and the name of the Party is “Aam Aadmi Party”.

Just as the name suggest Aam Aadmi in hindi which means “Common Man” Party is a party dedicated to go into roots and provide the solution to the basic problems of the people. In India its being said that you see the politicians only once in 5 years when they come to ask for votes and once they win they don’t care about the people and their problem.

AAP(Aam Aadmi Party) came as a ray of hope India to bring in country a new breed of politicians who seeks development of the country not self development. The party has utmost respect for the common people and even they have choose their election candidates from the common people after having a discussion with the masses and allowing the people to choose their leader.

Arvind Kejriwal the founder of AAP and a former IRS officer resigned from his job and become a social activist for the welfare of the nation. He tried to fight against the political system by means of Dharana and Jan Sabahas(means of protest) after years of hard work he realized that he will have to get in the system to change the system and what then he formed a team of young and dedicated works who like him are dedicated for the development of People and the Nation.

The party emerged as the 2nd largest party in the first ever election they won with 28 seats out of 70 which shows people’s confidence in him. The best time he didn’t change just after the election when it came to take support of their rival they went to people and ask their opinion which is something strange as per Indian politics. In the end with the masses asking him to form the government he decided to go on and take support from the INC.

After jumping all the hurdles finally he took the oath of the CM of Delhi and he was really quick in fulfilling his promises within just 2-3 days he kept few of his major promises he provided free water, slashing the prices of electricity and started auditing power companies to bring the corruption done by them.

The whole thing seemed like a scene from the movie “Nayak” where Anil Kapoor a common man becomes Chief Minister and changes the whole political system. It would be really early to tell how well Arvind manages Delhi and will he be able to keep all his promises but for now at least he gives us a ray of hope for a brighter future of the nation. What are your thoughts? Is this the future ? Or just a small flame ?

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