Mysteries Unsolved : Aliens In The Past & Now


Since ancient ages man has been fascinated by the outside world and with the advancement of technology, we are finding evidences that there is a possibility of existence of life beyond earth.

The term “Aliens” or “Extra terrestrial” has been given to the creatures that are not from the Earth.
So if it is true, should we be frightened? Will the aliens be more advanced in terms of technology? And are they dangerous?

Most of the movie directors seem to think that way, as conveyed in most of the sci-fi movies, where aliens attack earth and try to wipe us off and take control of our precious planet.

Keeping fiction apart there has been evidence that have surfaced over the years which indicate the presence of Aliens. Going back in times of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt we could see some shocking cravings on the walls of ancient buildings.

The carving include drawing of modern machinery like helicopter which was far from humans reach who didn’t even had basic necessities or urbanization. Few historians even suggest that aliens helped in building the great pyramid. There has been other relative evidence in ancient structure worldwide indicating our interaction with Aliens. Also the Aztecs and Incas were supposedly helped by aliens. One of the main evidence is here. Nazca Lines

One of the modern evidence being the crop circle which seems to appear in fields all over the world. They are said to be a way through which aliens are trying to communicate with us and making us aware of their presence. Many people are skeptical about crop circles saying they are just hoax but over the years we have seen such artistic crop circles appearing just overnight and they definitely seems work of some advanced species because creating such immense circle for humans overnight seems unlikely.

The UFO (Unidentified foreign Object) sightings all over the world also make us inclined to the idea of the presence of Aliens. There hasn’t been much hard evidence to support this except thousands of blurry videos and eyewitnesses stating the presence of UFO. Few of the videos are really convincing and make the idea of presence of Aliens more believable. One is below just take a look it once.

The most amazing of the alleged evidence is said to be in The Area 51 situated in mid of the Nevada desert in United States of America which undoubtedly the most secretive and controversial place in this world and said to have aliens ships and doing research on aliens(as seen in movie Independence Day)
The debate over the presence Aliens has been running for years few believe and few are skeptical as per me I strongly believe that we are not alone. What are your thoughts?

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