Cancer: The Deadly Diseases Spreading At Alarming Rate In India


Cancer: one of the most dreaded diseases in the world has also been classified into the category of lifestyle diseases as in most of the cases the victim of the disease contracts it due to the exposure of body to carcinogenic stuff like tobacco, excessive consumption of liquor or it may also be a result of unknowingly consuming certain chemicals or by their fumes by unsuspectingly getting exposed to their source.

The latest findings are indicating to a silent and a sure footed increase in the number of people suffering and dying because of cancer in India.

Talking in general the said disease occurred in people addicted to consumption of tobacco, liquor etc in the Indian sub continent. But of-late there has been a spurt in the occurrence of the disease as the figures available indicate that people who are not addicted to any known carcinogenic edibles have contracted the disease and the number of such cases is silently increasing.

A recent report in a section of press TOI has reported that substantial traces of chemicals like Heptachlor, Cypermethrin, Chlorfenvinphos, Chlordane, Aldrin, Dichlorvos, Quinalphos,etc. have been detected well above permissible limits in daily consumable vegetables, fruits and even grains. This evidently has lead to a spurt in cancer cases in India.

Though the use of the said chemicals has been banned by the Govt. of India the agriculturists are using them widely either as insecticides or pesticides which in turn leads to exposure of consumers to their harmful effects. Apart from this the said disease is also evident among people living in the surrounding areas of chemical factories either producing carcinogenic chemicals or using some of them for varied industrial activities because some of these industrial houses tend to stealthily discharge harmful and toxic effluents in rivers and rivulets without proper effluent treatment so as to cut costs.

These chemicals then seep into the ground water resources and also adversely affect the ecology of the area, thus the contaminated ground water when consumed for a long period then leads to people consuming such water ultimately contract the dreaded cancer.

The Govt. of India has been frantically trying to contain the menace of usage, as well as the discharge of untreated hazardous chemicals through the efforts of regional pollution control authorities but the menace is fairly widespread and affecting a large number of people who are unknowingly exposed to the hazards of consuming carcinogenic chemicals either by consumption of contaminated fruits/vegetables/food-grains or by the consumption of contaminated ground water.

Though rules and laws exist for use, handling and discharge of hazardous chemicals and in-spite of concerted efforts by regional pollution control authorities a lot seems to be done / implemented by the government to contain the menace.

Thus it is well evident that people must be aware of the dangers of such exposures and must resort to certain precautions so as to protect themselves from its cancerous after effects. people must scrupulously wash the fruits and vegetables at least three to four times using clean water the fruits and vegetables consumed must also be peeled if possible before their final consumption as food.

A general awareness among the people is expected so as to reduce stop the deadly cancer catching them unaware for no fault on their part.

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