Chill Your Beer & Other Bottles & Cans In Seconds!


Living in the digital age is surely very exciting when you have new technologies emerging every now & then. Now you can chill your cans and bottles in a matter of seconds. There are two new technologies in the market, and they both are demonstrated here in 2 different videos :

1. Spin Chill

With the video shown to you, I guess I have nothing else to say BUT this: PRE-ORDER LINK

The SpinChill is co-founded by Ty Parker & Trevor Abott. You can read about them HERE and HERE. Also the Facebook page of SpinChill.

2. V-Tex Technology

The technology, as described in video, was developed to reduce the energy consumption that we use in cooling our drinks and other liquid stuff. As we have seen in the video and from the source(, the technology is a already invented and works pretty much the same way as SpinChill.

The advantage of V-Tex Technology is that it can cool drink in all types of different containers with different temperatures and ofcourse without blowing up the carbonated drink.

The working of the V-Tex Technology’s chiller / cooler is based on faster heat transfer spinning method. The rotational method is known as Rankine Vortex method.

The rotation with start stop sequence forms a vortex on start and the vortex collapses when it stops. This combination of start stop cools the liquid inside the container faster and without any fizzing of carbonated drinks.

But I am still uncertain about this V-Tex technology being available in market or not, but it should be available soon.


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