NSA Spying Scandal : BRICS Planning Their Own Independent Internet

BRICS Cable Image courtesy: http://www.bricscable.com/
BRICS Cable Image courtesy: http://www.bricscable.com/

In the midst of growing NSA Spying Scandal, many nations are furious over US government for spying on other governments. Germany, Brazil and various other countries have shown a great anger over the spying scandal and are planning something seriously to make their own internet.

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) the five fastest growing economies has decided to structure their own internet to be independent from US controlled internet. The project is named BRICS Cable.

The BRICS cable website mentions some of the characteristics of the network. The cable would be of 34,000 km in total and will be a 2 fibre pair. The capacity of cable is 12.8 Tbit/s and the system is wholly fibre optic cable system.

BRICS Cable <i>Image courtesy: http://www.bricscable.com/</i>
BRICS Cable Image courtesy: http://www.bricscable.com/

The cable will be connected to Fortaleza in Brazil to Cape Town in South Africa to Chennai in India via Mauritius to Shantou in China via Singapore and to Vladivostock in Russia and it will be connected to main internet through servers in Miami. This internet would give the BRICS nations a greater control over their own users. That is a great news for the countries like China, Russia which have rather very low freedom of speech index because greater control over internet means greater control over the news flow in the public. And also they can now easily pinpoint “problematic” citizens.

BRICS represent a large group of powerful economies but at same time they are not as good as Western powers in terms of freedom of speech(Except Brazil & South Africa). Many of the illegal activities are originated from Russia such as child porn, spamming and identity theft. And China is famous for launching Hack-Attacks all over the world.

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