Homeless Man Is About To Launch Environmental Awareness App

Leo Coding
Leo (The Journey Man Hacker)
Leo (The Journey Man Hacker)

Patrick McConlogue, of Medium.com had offered a ‘homeless man’ two choices (i) $100 in cash (ii) Three JavaScript Books, a laptop(with 3G connection) with a solar charger & one hour of coding lessons everyday.

Now the homeless guy is about to launch a ‘Environmental Awareness App’ which will be named Go Green. I will put a link here as soon as it launches. The name of the homeless guy is Leo. He lost his job as a at MetLife insurance in 2011.

McConlogue had kept upto his promise and also opened a Facebook Page to track the duo’s progress. The page is named ‘Journeyman‘. Before McConlogue met Leo he nicknamed him “The Journeyman Hacker”. Also a website Journeymancourse.com where you can Learn to code and also Teach someone to code.

The initiative taken by Patrick McConlogue received many positive and surprisingly some negative responses too. I am surprised by the fact that some people also find this as “Idiotic”.

Image Source: Facebook Page

Source: PSFK.com

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