Microsoft Pushes HTC To Make Android+Windows Phone

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Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows is third largest mobile operating system. After Android and iOS, Windows is holding the third place. Still being on third place it has only got 3% of the market share, which is certainly not good enough for a company like Microsoft whose Windows for desktop and laptop account for 80% of the World’s computer.

Microsoft wants to a become a significant Mobile OS provider and wants it badly. Recently, Terry Myerson head of operating system of Microsoft is in talks with HTC to make a smartphone which has a dual operating system, Android and Windows. And Microsoft wants it with little to no licence fee at all to attract the consumers to carry their operating system.

This desperate move suggests that Microsoft wants a larger share and by any means.

HTC has no plans to release a phone with Windows based OS, but Microsoft wants to ensure that its partners remain intact after it’s $7.2 billion takeover of Nokia’s handset business.

From :

Microsoft’s $7.2 billion takeover of Nokia’s handset business is part of an effort to ensure the availability of phones with its software and help boost demand for the devices.

The key to success of Android is just not that it is awesome, but the fact that it allows any company to use it without any license fee. Whereas Apple’s iOS is not used outside iPhones and Microsoft charges a license fee to each phone sold to the seller.

HTC has been a major loser in the market after RIM’s Blackberry, so its hard to tell if the company is ready for trying something so risky. Amalgamating the world’s top leader OS(Android) with 3rd largest OS(Windows).


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