Are There Parallel Universe?

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe

Has it ever happened to you that while sitting idle you analyze the things you have done in past and just think over it: What if I had done that differently? What would have been the outcome? Had my life taken entirely different course? Well most of you whether accept it or not such thoughts must have crossed your mind.

Well this brings a rather radical concept of parallel universe which has been intensively used in many Sci-Fi movies time and again. So is there a real possibility of such things happening?

According to scientists there is a real possibility of having co-existence of parallel universe.

The Theory

The theory of parallel universe states that for every action we take there is a alternative choice which could change the course entirely so every time you say a yes or no or rather say the number of options you have same amount of parallel universe exists according to the choice you have made.

Now think about it how many choices you have made till now and considering it is an relative phenomenon the decision you make also alter other life. In simple words you can say there are a infinite number of parallel universe which exists side by side and you aren’t aware about them.

So What if is really not as meaningless as it seems? Just think of parallel universe scenario to get a idea of it that how much the life would have changed if we were in those parallel universes. To make things more interesting just think over it, what if Hitler had won the World War? and what if he had died in the first itself? What would have happen Vasili Arkhipov had given approval to launch the Nuclear Torpedo?

How the world would have been a totally different place and imagine somewhere in parallel that did happen and people are living that life. Think and comment your wildest Parallel Universe idea.