Steve Ballmer May Have Been Forced Out By BOD Of Microsoft

Was Ballmer Really Forced ?
Was Ballmer Really Forced ?
Was Ballmer Really Forced ?
Was Ballmer Really Forced ?

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, who has been CEO since 2000 and at Microsoft since 1980 is going to step down from position as CEO within 12 month period, as announced on Friday. This decision might not be entirely taken by Ballmer itself.

After a loss of $900 million in Microsoft’s struggling tablet business, Surface RT, which was supposedly due to the overestimation of tablets sales. The loss leads to the finger pointing towards the CEO Steve Ballmer. He had informally told that he was about to retire in 2018, but now he has told that he was thinking for a month or two month about his retirement.

Patrick Moorhead, Analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy was quoted saying:

“He was definitely pushed out by the board, they either drove him out, or put him in a situation where Steve Ballmer felt he had to leave to save face.”

“Typically, a board will be working behind the scenes for a replacement, but they’ve given themselves 12 months, I think this went down very quickly.”

“What could have precipitated the quick move?”

“How can you be that far off what consumers want? Was it that you’re not listening to your team? Was it because the team was afraid to give him advice? Was it because the team saw a different reality? Or was it that the team lacked the skill set to anticipate the failure?”

“The buck stopped with Ballmer,”

“This is an emotional and difficult thing for me to do. I take this step in the best interests of the company I love,” he wrote. This is the biggest clue that Steve Ballmer was most likely forced and also the extension of 12 month he seeked to find a succeeding CEO for the multi-billionaire company.


Image Source: BBC UK

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