Sony Has Unveils Limited Red Edition Of Vaio Line Of Products.

Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio

Sony successfully sold out its limited red edition of Vaio Duo 13, and now it is making it available for its family of notebooks now.

Sony Vaio red edition will come in 5 models: The Vaio Duo 13, Vaio Pro 11 and 13 inch and Vaio Fit 14 and 15 inch.

Also, Sony allows consumers to customize the Vaio products ranging from selecting chips, processing units, operating system & additional other accessories which they want.

Customers can choose till the latest Intel Core i7 and screen has touch screen capabilities. And the new version also has UV light protection.

The Vaio Fit Series has a RAM of 12 GB with 256 GB ROM and Vaio Pro Series has 8 GB RAM with 512 GB ROM.

The Vaio Fit 15 inch series is available for $ 1,999, the Pro 13 inch series is available for $ 2,599 and the Duo 13 inch series is available for $ 2,999

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