Facebook News Feed Gets More Interesting


Facebook on August 6th revised the algorithms managing the News Feed of a user. Algorithms has now a new feature called “story bumping”.

Facebook executive said that since the inception of news feed, the content was specifically created by the user itself. Ranking of the news was done by the users likes, shares and according to the users history. This type of ranking had put users into a bubble where they would miss out the stuff that they don’t like! This may sound crazy but if you are not seeing the world you don’t like then you are being totally fooled.

Recently because of uproar about the bubbling out the content to the user’s feed must have got the attention of the social networking company.

The new feature of “story bumping” will ensure that you can never miss out anything from your friends or the pages you like.

Chris Cox, VP of Facebook, has said “Shares are going to be more important than likes or comments. This time we are going to impress importance more upon readers than publishers. We are in the process of making sure that there is consistency.”

Lars Backstorm, News Feed Engineer: “We are trying to make a personalised newspaper for users and customise the newsfeed experience for what they want to see” also added “It is hard for users to get back to the old stories and they need to scroll a lot of things down to get back to that stories that they have missed. So we thought that we put the older stories above the fold.

Now we are showing to users the stories which are not just new, but the news that are new to the users. We have built a new service to keep track of what people have actually seen and have added this algorithm to our process.”

The feed readership is right now at 57%, which Lars Backstorm believes that it might increase to 70% because the people who have tested it have 70% of readership. Facebook has said that the changes have nothing to do with publishing of ads and it is entirely a separate system.

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