Samsung Now Most Profitable Mobile Phone Maker

Samsung Bites Apple
Samsung Bites Apple
Samsung Bites Apple
Samsung Bites Apple

Indeed the South Korean giant has worked really hard and has been quite innovative, creative and also faster than any other mobile manufacturing company in the world. Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones, since introduction into the market has been multiplying its demand as Samsung kept on releasing newer version and kept on innovating.

Samsung now the most profitable mobile phone maker, has snatched this post from Apple because of one great reason: It has built products for every line of people and has provided quality in each product.

The South Korean based company has estimate $5.2bn market cap while its fast losing competitor Apple had $3.2bn market cap which was last year $4.6bn.

Apple ruled for 4 year with its main over-priced line product iPhone, but the tussle between Apple and Samsung started a year ago and eventually Samsung started winning because of its Android OS and not to underestimate the great quality provided. Smartphone giant overtook Apple with its most advanced product S4, the South Korean company became industry’s largest and most profitable vendor.

South Korean Based Smartphone Giant’s Global Market Share is 33%, and Apple’s Market Share has fallen from 17% to 14%. Will Apple be able to fend off it’s competitors or is it going to give up ?

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