Top 10 Deadliest Weapons


10. M107 & XM500 sniper rifles

The first ever most deadliest sniper was : The M82. It wass a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. A heavy SASR (Special Application Scoped Rifle), it is used by many units and armies around the world. M107 is upgraded version of M82 and more upgraded version is XM500. Tenth Most Deadliest Weapon.


  • Caliber: .50 BMG (12.7×99 mm)
  • Length: 1,448 mm (57.0 in)
  • Barrel length: 737 mm (29.0 in)
  • Weight (unloaded w/ scope): 12.9 kg (28.4 lb)
  • Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
  • Weight of magazine: 1.87 kg (4.1 lb)
  • Accuracy: 3 Minutes of Arc (MOA)
  • Muzzle velocity: 853 m/s (2,800 ft/s)(Speed of Sound = 340.29 m/s)
  • Effective Range: 1,829 m (2,000 yd)
  • Maximum Range: 6,812 m (7,450 yd)

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The Barrett XM500 is a gas-operated, semi-automatic sniper rifle/anti-materiel rifle. It is fed by a 10-round detachable box magazine. It is intended to be a lighter, more compact alternative to the M82/M107. Since the XM500 has a stationary barrel (instead of the recoiling-barrel design of the M82), it will likely have somewhat better accuracy. As with its predecessor, it comes with a removable, adjustable bipod mounted under the barrel, and a top-mounted Picatinny rail for attachment of a scope and/or other accessory.

  • Caliber: .50 BMG (12.7×99mm)
  • Length: 1,168 millimetres (46.0 in)
  • Operation: gas operated, semi-automatic
  • Barrel: 447 millimetres (17.6 in)
  • Weight: 11.8 kg (26.0 lb)
  • Feed device: 10-round detachable box magazine

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