Samsung: A Look At The Smartphone Juggernaut


There is for certain no doubt that Samsung is the undisputable king in the Smartphone market having covered the majority of market share of Smartphone‘s in the world and continuously growing, the juggernaut keeps crushing competitors. The new collaboration with Google in production on Google Nexus has deepened its bond with the Google who is the creator of Android OS which is the heart of Samsung’s Smartphone. So what is the reason for such an amazing success for Samsung phones?

Recently, Samsung phones have launched a variety of variants in there Galaxy S Series S duos, S Advance, S Advance Duos, S Grand these phones are almost similar in looks but have different specifications according to their price range.

Now that is what Samsung has done smartly they have made a phone available for everybody in their price range you want to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 but you don’t have the money for it go one slab below buy Galaxy Grand, can’t afford to buy that either no worries opt for Galaxy S2 and if even that doesn’t fit you go for S advance that’s the enigma of Samsung they have something for everyone and that’s what is making them hot favorite for consumers all over the world.

Samsung has managed to use the customer demands in perceptive to their production of phones people demanded for big screen they came up with the concept on Phablet launching Samsung Galaxy Note providing customer a satisfaction of both tablet and phone. The customers were asking for Dual Sim mobile they came up with a whole series of Duos in Smartphone.

The recent concept of introducing the new Note having an amazing digital camera is also one of the excellent examples of Samsung’s Creative thinking and market research. This is the smartest thing that Samsung is doing, it is keeping in mind what consumers want and delivering it and eventually customers are coming to the Stores to buy the excellence.

The mantra for success has worked like a magic for Samsung till now let’s see will the Juggernaut is able to continue that in future with the new competition from Windows phones & HTC phones let’s see how things turn out in future.

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