Samsung Galaxy S5 To Include Fingerprint Sensor?


It is highly speculated that the next iPhone (5s or 6) is going to incorporate fingerprint sensor, if the rumors are correct Samsung will not miss a chance to include fingerprint sensor in the next Galaxy model.

It is highly possible that Galaxy’s next model is going to have a curved screen, it was showcased in a tech conference by Samsung. We actually expected it to be implemented in the Galaxy S4 itself but Samsung is waiting for the right time to strike the iron.

Fingerprint sensor would be a great implementation for any smartphone, as it would give a huge boost to security and money transaction would become much more safer.

Also, Fingerprint sensor has still not been employed in any of the smartphones available in the market, another reason to employ it.

As most of the large smartphone companies are looking to launch their new product later this year, we would see a great amount of innovation at the same time of the year.

Let us see which smartphone comes up with the idea of smartphone sensor first.

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