Facebook’s ‘Arctic Data Centre’ In Luleå, Sweden Is Now Active

Facebook's Arctic Data Center

Facebook’s 1.2 billion users daily upload photos and update statuses on daily basis. For some Facebook is news source, for some Facebook is stalking point. Facebook plays a crucial role in today’s world.

Facebook has radically changed the way people communicate and share things with their closed ones. For continuing this change in the world, a world class team and servers are needed. Surely Facebook has both, and the Arctic Data Centre(ADC) is the recent addition to world class service of Facebook.

The ADC is situated in Northern Sweden city Luleå, where the temperature has been recorded to reach -41° Celcius. This Data Centre is one of the projects of Facebook to make the claim for “The most efficient and sustainable data centers in the world”. It is a part of Facebook’s Open Compute project which focuses on creating environment friendly data centers which includes elimination of unnecessary metals and plastic components.

The ADC’s power efficiency is projected at 1.06 which is very much less then super clean Google which stands between 1.08 and 2.12.

Facebook has prasied local Swedes: “Since we first announced the plan to come here, the local community has been amazingly supportive”.

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