Shocking Photos Of Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

Dead Bodies On Mount Everest
Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

We see now and then people climbing the world’s highest peak, Mt.Everest, and people being proud about scaling these heights. Putting up flags of their own country and displaying victory signs in photographs. All that looks good on the newspapers and television.

But these mountaineers, climbers leave a huge amount of waste and dirt on Mt. Everest (See Below Photo). And sometimes they die as we will see in this list.

The Saving Mount Everest Clean-Up Expedition team bring over 8 tonnes of rubbish from Mount Everest and its trekking trails Photograph:
The Saving Mount Everest Clean-Up Expedition team bring over 8 tonnes of rubbish from Mount Everest and its trekking trails Photograph:

Starting from the next page we will show you the shocking photos of dead bodies on Mt. Everest.

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  2. Thank you for posting these. It might be worth mentioning that people can pay more than 40,000 for the attempt. There are ladders and guide ropes to assist, but if you injure yourself in the “Dead Zone,” you will be left to die.

  3. great article, but you have missed a few easily obtained details, such as the body pictured propped up in a resting position, is not assumed to have been resting, it is that of Hannelore Schmatz after she ignored advice to descend, and instead bivouac’d near the summit, dying in the night.

  4. I find it quite disturbing and cold that these people could so callously walk by the bodies of dead climbers in an attempt just to be able to have bragging rights about reaching the summit. Even more so how they could leave someone to die. If I had a choice of continuing, or stopping and rendering whatever assistance I could, even if they could not be saved, I would not continue. I cant help but feel disgust for the climbers that walk by these bodies.

      • If they aren’t dead yet then they are still people. You shouldn’t be able to continue on your happy way when you know someone is dying and begging for help. Its sad.

          • Sort of seems like you may be trolling…..I am sure there is some service that these people would be able to receive, dead, or alive.

          • Seriously! Stop it! This is not a hike in your local city park. Unless you have a large, personal, dedicated rescue team following you all the way up and down, there Is absolutely nothing a fellow climber can do for you once your legs stop working. There is a reason they call it The Death Zone. Do some research before you continue embarrassing yourself.

          • And I am so sure you have been there numerous times to be such an exoert….next best seller for a biok ugh?

          • Yeah the Sherpas have set up coffee shacks all up the mountain… You climb Everest knowing if you get in trouble there is no help, it must be hard to fathom from your comfy living room but this is not a place Humans were meant to go. Saying that, it must destroy your mental state knowing you cant help and having to leave someone to die.

          • Never said I did. But I have the ability to find, process and retain information, this allows me to comprehend issues other than putting my shoes on the right feet. You probably wouldn’t understand

    • The climb up Mt. Everest is very dangerous. Most people never make it to the top. They stop half way or a quarter of the way. the air is thin and you can die of frost bite within minutes. If someone attempts to save another person, they are more likely to die themselves. The effort to climb takes everything the human body can push to do. It is a death sentence for both parties. That is why they leave them on the mountain. It is not for bragging rights or because they are cold or cruel. It is inevitable that death will happen if you are not prepared or you try and save someone who is going to die.

  5. Yeah and most of the info that goes with these pictures is incorrect. You would die trying to help these people. Also the science behind what happens to your brain at 28,000 feet is horrifying. Saying something like “Oh I would save them and help them down” is just as ignorant as the press that hound the survivors after an Everest disaster. This is a common human problem; not being able to fully understand and put yourself in someone’s else’s shoes before you start blathering about it would be different if you were up there.

    • I think a bit of shit is rightfully due in the Sharp incident with Ingles team. Not because they or anyone else on the summit push could’ve saved him but because at least 3 of them lied & tried to place blame on Brice. Telling media they contacted him at base camp upon encountering David. Which proved patently false.

  6. I’m not a climber but I am so deeply disturbed by the fact that so many of these people were able to fall down or take naps without anyone in the group noticing! HELLO what ever happened to the buddy system? Why don’t they require climbers to carry identification? There should be no reason there are so many unidentified bodies! Also if they fall off a ledge why not leave them as a reminder of that danger instead of rolling their bodies off to be hidden like it never happened? Disrespectful! Who would pay so much money knowing that if they are dying no one will save them much less take their body down for a proper burial?

    • A person’s weight quadruples, at least, at those altitudes. A team of 10 people would have issues carrying one person off Everest if something happens.

      Everyone that goes for a summit attempt is aware of it. Once you get above the death zone, if you can’t carry yourself back down there’s literally not a human alive who will be able to do it for you.

    • Do some research, for Pete’s sake! The internet is full of first-person accounts of what it is like to be up in the death zone on a steep mountainside. You can read about rescues and rescue attempts. Above a certain level, the only people who are going to be rescued are people who can still climb down under their own power and just need some *very* minimal assistance. If they are still alive but can’t walk, the only thing that can save them is a substantial group of rescuers with rescue equipment. That does not exist up there.

    • When you sign the papers to climb Everest, you also sign a waiver stating that you fully understand that your body will be left on the mountain should you die or if you become unconscious or injured within the death zone. or your family can pay $30,000 in an attempt to retrieve the body.

    • Most people think that walking by the bodies as if they are not there is far more disrespectful than cutting them loose or pushing them over an edge. It is also disrespectful to the Sherpa people to have bodies visible on the mountain. So it’s both respect for the dead and respect for the native culture.

      • I hope you are well hidden “Drag Rope Justice”, and live far from other more civilized people than yourself. There can be nothing more disheartening than to discover you are the only one of your kind around!

  7. yes i understand that some of you cant fathem why others could pass a person dying, but if there is nothing they can do unless they want to die as well. the best thing you can possibly do is comfort those who may not make it. you all should realize we escape death everyday. but if you choose to do something even more so dangerous you have a higher percentage of dying. this is life. and shit does indeed happen. no matter how experienced you are.. just be sure you understand that if you do A or B you can possibly be having your last adventure.. sorry but its the truth and life.

  8. Why would they leave them up there don’t these people have families that would like to bury them properly. It’s sad to think they are left behind and just forgotten or now a lawn ornament for passerbys. Kind of heart breaking.

    • Chrystal, most of the climbers who perished on the mountain told their families previously that if they died while climbing they wanted to be buried on the mountain, to most climbers it is the ultimate! Also because the air gets thinner as you go further up the mountain it is physically straining to carry a body down the mountain even the Sherpas are reluctant to do it and they can climb with out oxygen if they have to. The pictures that you see of deceased climbers are years old, due to commercial reasons the Sherpas have buried the bodies at high altitude while other bodies lower down the mountain were carried down.

      You have a good heart Chrystal, the world would be a better place if everyone thought like you.


  10. Sir Edmund Hillary said it best about the climbers nowadays:

    “โ€œI think the whole attitude towards climbing Mount Everest has become rather horrifying. The people just want to get to the top. It was wrong if there was a man suffering altitude problems and was huddled under a rock, just to lift your hat, say good morning and pass on by.”

    โ€œThey donโ€™t give a damn for anybody else who may be in distress and it doesnโ€™t impress me at all that they leave someone lying under a rock to die.โ€

    โ€œI think that their priority was to get to the top and the welfare of one of the members of an expedition was very secondary”

    • Number 8 certainly is not Hannalore Schmatz. It is Peter Boardman who died on the North East Ridge in 1982 and whose body was discovered in 1992. Looks like your Google skills are a bit lacking.

        • Hannelore died in a sitting position so she is easily recogniseble. Due to bad publicity the local Sherpas have buried most of the bodies while other peoples remains like Hannelore’s who perished on the mountain back in 1979 have been pushed down the mountain out of view by strong winds. It is worth noting that all these photographs were taken many years ago, thankfully even if it is for commercial reasons there are no longer dead bodies on view.

  11. Go climb it to feed your ego, bragging rights, bucket list…etc. I’m cool with it. Just understand if you die, I’ll laugh and enjoy looking at your frozen corpse if it makes it to the interweb. Seems like the equivalent of running across an 8-lane interstate.

  12. This is sad if i could climb mount everest I would just turn back before climbing it the only one i liked is the husband going back for his wife

  13. I’ve climbed it 5 times and had 5 wanks on top of Everest and saved lots of people gets boring to tell u the truth

  14. I love it when people accuse other people of being stupid, yet their scathing remarks are riddled with grammatical errors…no need to get ugly when discussing something, people.

  15. great article but slightly incorrect. David Sharps body was burried at the request of his wife and green boots was rediscovered and then burried. I know the article was written a few years ago but those things happened before the article was written!

  16. Rachel Newman, Mark_in_Carp & Ninyur. Before you insult anyone’s intelligence,try reading first. Long before you made your comments on the impossibility of helicopters reaching Everest’s summit, Didier Delsalle landed his Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel atop the summit@ 8,848 ft. on May 14, 2005. Read and learn.

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