The Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense Technology
Sixth Sense Technology

The technology advancement has led the world to a whole new level of modernization. With the technology things are becoming easy and fast but still there is one constraint a bridge between the physical world and the virtual world. To make the world more advances we have to narrow down the bridge and eventually eliminate it with time.

Pranav Mistry: Pioneer Of Sixth Sense Technology
Pranav Mistry: Pioneer Of Sixth Sense Technology

The start to narrowing the bridge is the radical invention by a Young innovative engineer named Pranav Mistry who came up with the concept of Sixth Sense technology. This innovation is based on a simple concept of bringing the tangible and non tangible world together.

What is Sixth Sense Technology?

Broadly speaking the Sixth Sense is a blend of many futuristic technologies combined together to take us into a whole new experience in digital era. It is the stuff right out from the Sci-Fi embedded into the real life. It really amazing what this little device can do all that cool stuff like popping of a screen on the wall with just a gesture, you can search the internet, check your mail take a picture just with normal hand gesture sounds fascinating just wait till you get to use it.

The Sixth Sense technology just uses a simple concept that the way we human can communicate with each other using gestures we can also communicate with machines and that the way Pranav was able to narrow the bridge between Tangible and Non-tangible.

Although the device is a marvel and can do amazing stuff but its as simple as it can get having four components

  1. Camera
  2. Projector
  3. Smartphone
  4. Color Markers

The Features

Camera: It is basically like an eye for a computer observing each and everything around the world continuously giving feedback to the Smartphone regarding the surroundings that a person is observing. The camera is continuously observing the color markers and when the feedback from the camera to the Smartphone about the hand gestures and accordingly performs the task.

Projector: The projector provides the interface from digital to real world whatever results digitally processed is shown to the user on the screen of his choice whether it be a wall or a person or any other physical interface.

Color Markers: These are the indicators that allow the camera to track the gestures that are made by the user so as to give indications to the device what task to perform.

Smartphone: It is the brain and whole and soul of the whole device all the algorithm that are controlling the device functions. The Smartphone is the gateway in and out of the digital world.

The device is still in early stage and the prototype looks promising and the biggest surprise is the price it can be made with just $300.

The advancement to these device are immense it’s like an android phone you can develop as many application as they want only sky is the limit.

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