Samsung Looking Ways To Free Space In Galaxy S4


Samsung is looking into Galaxy S4 to free up some space after customers bemoan that the new version offers much less than promised. BBC TV’s show Watchdog primarily focused on this issue faced by many customers of Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB model.

The customers have complained that the 16 GB model offer just between 8GB and 9GB space. The CNET report had said : “There is a possibility to secure more memory space freed by software optimization”.

Samsung had also made a comment, “Buy a microSD card”, which made the consumers angry. The company has also pointed out “the powerful features of 1080 display” as the main reason behind the filling up of half of the storage space and the other being the Samsung’s other incredible features and Android’s Wizardry.

Samsung has also launched a Nexus version of Galaxy S4 with raw Android which might see some optimization provided by Google.

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