Google Wants Microsoft To Pull Down Windows Phone YouTube App

Microsoft VS Google

Google has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Microsoft, demanding that the YouTube application be pulled down and disabled by May 22, Wednesday. The two reasons given by them :

  1. The lack of advertisements on the app which hurts the revenue system of YouTube.
  2. The ability to download videos which further harms the revenue model.

Microsoft’s VP David Heiner has claimed that Google is intentionally trying to undermine Windows Phone by providing weaker sub-par option of YouTube. In response to this Microsoft released a better app for YouTube while injuring revenues Google in one specific area : Lack of advertisement.

Heiner also pointed out that Google’s Senior Executives have purposely forced YouTube officials to undermine the experience of YouTube on Windows Phone.

“But just last month we learned from YouTube that Google told them not to enable first class experience on Windows Phone” said Microsoft VP.

After receiving the cease-and-desist letter, Microsoft responded with :
“We would be more than happy to include advertising but need Google to provide us access to the necessary API’s. In the light of Larry Page’s comments today calling for more interoperability and less negativity, we look forward to solving this matter for our mutual customers.”

Lets just wait until next Wednesday to see what happens with the YouTube App.

Image Courtesy : Politico

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