Google Support To Continue In Windows Phone 8 Update

Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announces that Windows Phone is going to continue its support for Google Services in the latest update which will roll out this summer.

Windows Phone 8 will bring a number of improvements to the platform. This will also update the old sync protocol(Google Sync will be phased out by July 31st this year) with new sync protocols CalDav and CardDAV which will ensure the continued use of Google Services such as Gmail and many others.

The update would be released with Nokia Lumia 925 but it is expected that it would be sooner before July 31st last date.

Windows Phone 8 Update will make the Data Sense feature available for more carriers. Number of improvements in Xbox music which will include easier selection, downloading and pinning tunes and also improving accuracy of song information and metadata.

Radio listening fans will also be delighted to learn that Microsoft has restored it’s support for FM Radios in all radio supported smartphones.

According to figures released by Gartner, Windows Phone is currently the fourth largest market share in mobile operating system in the world, although it is predicted that it will soon overtake BlackBerry if the trend continues.

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