Entrepreneur Stories : Founding Story Of Patak’s

Patak's Brand Logo
Patak's Brand Logo
Patak's Brand Logo
Patak’s Brand Logo

Patak’s is a brand of curry pastes and spices. The company supplies to more than 75% of British curry houses with sauces and mixed spices, and sells ready meals to all the major UK supermarkets and other major retailers throughout Europe and North America.

During the early years of the 20th century a Gujarati businessman Lakhubhai Pathak was compelled to flee from Kenya. He had in his possession a 5 GBP note, his own life insurance papers and a helpless family.

After running around doing odd jobs here and there in Britain, he finally set up a business of serving samosas from a 5 ft X 6 ft kitchen along with the support of his hardworking wife. Day after day passed and the hardwork started paying dividends and the business slowly flourished into roaring business employing a 700+ staff.

This company was named “Patak’s” and it is also well known as “Achar King”. Patak’s has expanded its business and now boasts of selling chatnis, curry pastes, pickles, wafers and papads made accordance with Indian Cookery style to more than 40 countries around the world satisfying the tickles of millions of taste buds all over the globe.

It is also fact that many thousands of Indian restaurants in UK, US, and Canada prepare the tasty gravy of their delicacies from the wide array of curry pastes of Patak’s.

Patak’s was sold to Associated British Foods on 30th May 2007 for £200 million.

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