Yahoo! Shuts Down Many Features In Response To Restructure


Yahoo! has shutdown apps like Yahoo! Upcoming, Deals, SMS Alerts, Kids, Mail and Messenger feature phone from April 30th. The next to face the knife will be classic version of Yahoo! Mail from June 3rd.

The Official blog post states : “We realize that change is hard, but by making tough decisions like these we can focus our energy on building beautiful products for you like the two we introduced this week – Yahoo! Mail for iPad and Android tablets and Yahoo! Weather for iPhone.”

SMS alerts can be kept upto date by use of alternative mobile apps by the company or by going to and diverting alerts to mail or Yahoo! Messenger. The migration from classic mail to new mail system is already available for long time.

CEO Marissa Mayer is on streak to close down non-profitable services and is also aiming to acquire a controlling stake in Yahoo! is also going to shutdown Chinese mail service and will offer transfer of account to other mail service.

The company has also buyed a stake in Alibaba which offers more control over Chinese market with Aliyun as primary mail service. Alibaba has buyed out 40 % stake in the Weibo which mostly controls the Chinese social networking.

Also, CEO Marissa Mayer was paid a total of $36.6 million in 2012. She received $454,862 in salary, $35 million in stock awards and a bonus of $1.12 million. She also got $40,540 in other compensations.

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