Futuristic Telescope(TMT) Construction To Begin In April 2014

TMT Complex
TMT Complex

A futuristic telescope which can gaze as far as 13 billion light years away is going to be constructed from April 2014. The futuristic telescope is called Thirty Meter Telescope(TMT) obviously because it is 30 meters in length.

The TMT will be able to see 13 billion light years away near the beginning of the universe. It’s construction would take a decade to complete and take place as the World’s Largest Optical Telescope. It is believed that the telescope will be able to create images which would be 3 times more sharper than what is available today with largest telescopes. The project is awaiting for some final approvals from the regulatory bodies and then begin the construction next year.

TMT has been already in planning for almost a decade now and its planners are gaining permission to build and operate Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Volcano. The construction costs and observatory will be more than $1 billion. The telescope will be 98 feet long and it will be rivaled by European Extremely Large Telescope (138 foot long) once it is ready in 2022. What secrets this telescope will reveal ?

For More Information Visit : TMT.org

Source : TheVerge.com
Image Source : TMT.org

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  1. I am really very excited about it.. and I really can’t believe 13 billion light year.. it’s really going to be huge one.. one day I will surely move there to have a look..

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